The Slipper Reinvented: A Slipper That Looks Like A Sneaker And Can Be Worn Anywhere

Dougherty’s TI:ME Slipper is comfortable, great looking and extremely functional

MOUNTAIN LAKES, N.J., April 21, 2014 Ryan Dougherty of Mountain Lakes, N.J., has bridged the all-important gap between slippers and sneakers.

TIME Slippers Yoga Mat Cushioning This footwear innovation is called TI:ME Slippers and is a combination slipper/sneaker that can be worn indoors and outdoors. “It’s a slipper that has that true sneaker aesthetic,” explained Dougherty. “You can wear them out of the house without looking like you just rolled out of bed.”

The basic problem, according to Dougherty, is that slippers are comfortable but look terrible and sneakers look cool but aren’t always comfortable. “We believe that being calm, cool, and collected is the best way to live, because we all perform better when we’re relaxed,” he said. “Our slippers engineer that state of relaxation by helping you chill out, combat stress, and recover energy so that you can be your best, mentally and physically.”

The key to achieving comfort is in the construction of the slipper. The TI:ME Slipper has elastic laces that hug the feet, eliminating the stress of tying and untying. A unique V-cut entry allows easy on and off turning high-tops into slip-ons.

The real innovation is the insole, which is made of the same material as yoga mats. “Yoga mats are designed to provide hours of comfort on hard floors under heavy pressure,” said Dougherty. “We figured they’d be amazing in a house slipper. Turns out they are.”

The prototypes have drawn rave reviews from everyone who has tried them out. Now it’s time to bring the product to market. For that, Dougherty needs $35,000 to finalize the design specifications, order materials and reserve factory time. To generate this funding, he has launched a Kickstarter campaign that can be viewed at

So far, nearly $8,000 has been raised in under a week.

Depending on their donation levels, backers will receive T-shirts, TI:ME Slippers or the opportunity to work with the design team to create a custom slipper.

“We’ve crafted the most comfortable slippTIME Slippers Comfortable And Beautifulers the world has ever seen, and took great care to design them to be as aesthetically pleasing as sneakers,” Dougherty said. “It’s the best of both worlds.”

For additional information, visit, the TI:ME Slippers website,, or the TI:ME Slippers Facebook page,