World Design Event

Save the date: It’s Your World Design Event 2017

20-29 October in Eindhoven (NL) during Dutch Design Week

The first It’s Your World Design Event (WDE) takes place this year. This international event about the future, involving creatives from all over the world, will be held every four years during Dutch Design Week (DDW) in Eindhoven. WDE includes a Booster Conference, a People’s Pavilion, eight Creative Embassies and two Lab Squares, all featuring events devoted to the themes of Food, Health, Urban Transformation, Data, Climate Action, Intimacy, Robot Love and Mobility & Energy. 

World Design Event
World Design Event

The future
As the name implies, It’s Your World Design Event focuses on the future and what it will bring. The city is the future, but what is the future of the city? How will we live, how will we use transportation, how will we eat, how will we grow old? These are just a few of the questions that will soon require radically different answers to those of today. Design, technology and innovation will play an increasingly important role in answering these questions, and social aspects will be a central concern.

As population increases, the world faces problems that call for radical change. Adopting the motto of ‘Do by learning – Learn by doing’, WDE invites people from all disciplines, young and old, who are working on the future to join us in shaping this future at DDW. Coming together to discuss, experiment, share, contemplate and theorize, as well as to confer, perform, listen and party, they will help make this It’s Your World Design Event.

“The question is not only what future we want and how we will design it, but also how we get there. For the future starts in the world of today. Our challenge is how to shape the transformation,” says Martijn Paulen, director of the Dutch Design Foundation. “Creatives play a key role in searching for solutions. The World Design Event is a global gathering for thinkers and doers, for research and sharing knowledge, for concepts and ideas.”

WDE consists of four components, which will each stage its own events, to be announced on 13 July 2017.

  • Booster Conference 
    An international conference in which visionary speakers and young talents discuss the contribution that design can make to future solutions.
  • Eight Creative Embassies 
    Where WDE promotes the sharing of ideas for the transformation of the city in the areas of Food, Health, Urban Transformation, Data, Climate Action, Intimacy, Robot Love and Mobility & Energy
  • People’s Pavilion 
    The People’s Pavilion at Ketelhuisplein forms the beating heart of WDE. It is a temporary pavilion by and for people. Designed by two offices, Overtreders W and bureau SLA, the People’s Pavilion will be 100% circular, made entirely of borrowed material, all of which will be returned intact to its owners afterwards — as if nothing had happened. The material will be collected from people living in Eindhoven from 1 July 2017 on.
    During DDW, the People’s Pavilion will be the venue for gatherings, lectures, openings, performances and concerts.
  • Lab Squares 
    Test sites in Eindhoven will showcase current solutions in the context of the city.

World Design Event
20 to 29 October 2017
Various locations around Eindhoven (NL)