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D UnknownIndependent Society “By invitation Only”

D Unknown provides a platform for diverse and emerging designers and artists to showcase their talents in a creative manner. Its primary focus revolves around becoming the most recognized hub for Fashion, Art, Jewelry, and Music, all of which are crafted by independent designers, artists, and musicians. This platform opens doors for those who are seeking an avenue to gain recognition or international exposure. The names of exceptionally talented independent designers, artists, and musicians often remain obscure due to the lack of substantial financial resources required for communication, public relations, and advertising. Navigating the vast sea of branding presents a significant challenge for these independent creators to achieve recognition. The Independent Designer, Artist, and Musician Society facilitates affordability for independent Fashion Designers, Jewelers, Artists, and Musicians to present their creations to a potential audience of buyers. Our consultants boast extensive experience and a robust network of industry decision-makers in the realms of fashion, art, jewelry, and music. For more information: or

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