Don’t Blow It sets off in Maastricht, The Netherlands

On September 12 ‘Don’t Blow It’ project will be launched during a VIP evening at Kasteelk Vaeshartelt in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

dont blow itThe opening speech will be held by Joos Ockels, wife of the late Dutch astronaut and professor Wubbo Ockels. The presentation of the concept video of Don’t Blow It will be musically accompanied by DJ Misja Wielings.

Many people around the world have the same wish. They wish for a world withou industrial polution, without war, without nuclear disasters, without poverty.

In order to spread this wish and message globally, the artist Majo created a universal symbol. A symbol in the shape of a character, that is being interpreted in the same way all over the world. one clear message: Don’t Blow It.