Amsterdam Light Festival 2014 -2015

Extraordinary boat and walking tour passing 40 artworks by (inter)national artists

Forty pieces of art, setting the city in a completely new light, will brighten up the inner city of Amsterdam this winter. The magical artworks are designed and created by architects and artists from nine different countries, including: Brasil, France, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania and Chile. From the 27th of November the boat tour Water Colors opens with artworks by Jacques Rival, Angus Muir, alaa minawi and many more. Additionally from the 11th of December 15 artworks will light up the walking tour Illuminade in the area Plantage in Amsterdam. These pieces of art are slightly more experimental by nature, mostly developed by young talent like Lisa van Noorden, Hagar Elazari, Julian van Buul en Vincent Vriens. All pieces of art are freely accessible.

Locations of artworks along boat route Water Colors, Amsterdam Light Festival 2014-2015
Locations of artworks along boat route Water Colors, Amsterdam Light Festival 2014-2015

One of the most beautiful light festivals of Europe

Recently The Guardian named Amsterdam Light Festival one of the most beautiful light festivals of Europe. Mostly because this is the only light festival where the observer can view the light objects by boat, bringing a completely new dimension to the experience. The jury, led by Rogier van der Heide (artistic director of Amsterdam Light Festival), will offer a wide selection of art that speaks to experts and the bigger audience of art enthusiasts. Most pieces are specially made for the Amsterdam Light Festival and have never been exhibited before. The stories behind the artworks are worth knowing, important to be told and as relevant for the residents of Amsterdam as the visitors from all over the world. By doing this, Amsterdam Light Festival gives the city of Amsterdam, even in the dark winter months, a steady boost of culture and economic impulse.

Artworks and participants Water Colors

  1. House of Cards – OGE Creative Group, B. Water Fun – Angus Muir, C. Floating Bridge – Leandro Mendes, D. Vroege Projecties – Boyle Family, E. The Paper Boat – Katja Galyuk/City+Light, F. World of shapes, shaping the world – Todd van Hulzen & Studio Louter, G. Ghost Ship – VisualSKIN, H. On the Wings of Freedom – Aether & Hemera, I. My light is your light – alaa minawi, J. The Gatekeepers – Irma de Vries, K. LightHouse – Pitaya, L. Sphere of Amsterdam – students Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, M. Lightbridge – Tjep, N. Moonburn – Stichting Barstow, O. 178 BOTTLES, 1 MESSAGE – Saskia Hoogendoorn & Lieuwe Martijn Wijnands, P. Mirrorings – Jacques Rival, Q. LIGHT(onda)FLOW – LIGHT(onda)FLOW, R. Arborescence – Studio Loop.pH, S. Tulip Mania! – Eibert Draisma & Aoife Wullur, T. This is it, be here now – Alfred Marseille of Art Collective Tropism, U. Lux Turba Sensus – Univate, V. Couleur Locale – production team Amsterdam Light Festival, W. Effervescence – Géraurd Périole, X. Circle of Life – Rob van Houten, Y. Tribute – production team Amsterdam Light Festival, Z. BeamLab – BeamSystems.

Water Colors & Illuminade

Water Colors (boat tour): from Thursday the 27th of November 2014 until Sunday the 18th of January 2015

Illuminade (walking tour) from Thursday the 11th of December 2014 until Sunday the 4th of January 2015

About Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam Light Festival 2014

Amsterdam Light Festival is the winter light festival for everyone, regardless of age. The historic city center of Amsterdam is the atmospheric backdrop of the light and water festival lasting more than 50 winter days. The festival shows light sculptures and projections of contemporary (international) artists in public space. Amsterdam Light Festival brings light during the darkest period of the year and illuminates the audience with colorful artwork. Besides a boat and walking tour Amsterdam Light Festival works closely with various cultural partners. One example is the solo exhibition of Tony Oursler, an initiative of the Oude Kerk. In this context, Amsterdam Light Festival collaborates closely with the Oude Kerk, Amsterdam Art Weekend and Stedelijk Museum. All four of them play a leading role in strengthening the cultural infrastructure of Amsterdam and the international presentation of art and culture in the Netherlands.