“Alexandra Mor” Is An Amazing “Rising Star”

“Alexandra Mor is an amazing “rising star” with the rare ability to be inspired while discovering the life style of a customer during a one on one conversation, whether live or over the telephone. Alexandra understands that each person is unique and has a specific aspiration, influenced by their personal life story, no matter the age or origin. Alexandra uses the information and the notes that she writes during the conversation to create the perfect one of a kind heirloom for you. I have never encountered, in my 39 years in the jewelry industry with the so-called “best”, this combination of designing talent, sense of style, humanity, knowledge of jewelry making and manufacturing details. Most of all, Alexandra is a natural who actually cares, listens, loves and respects. She truly understand what a woman really wants and the expression “She is the best” fits her like a pure silk glove”.

By Gerard Riveron, Executive Director of Dorfman Jewelers