5 Things Justin Bieber Could Teach Zayn Malik[:nl]5 Things Justin Bieber Could Teach Zayn Malik

The stratospheric rise of One Direction owed a lot to that of their predecessor, Justin Bieber. The two acts were plucked from obscurity by savvy record producers and molded to suit a new breed of digital-savvy fans who would, in time, transform what success looked like for millennial pop artists. They even each had a trademark hair flip to call their own.

After years of hit albums, worldwide tours and a handful of scandals apiece, this week One Direction and Justin Bieber both release new albums that strive to tell the world they’re older and wiser now. One person who ought to be watching the dual release cycles closely is Zayn Malik, who pulled out of his obligations with One Direction in March due to the pressures that come with being a member of the world’s biggest pop act.Since then, Malik has publicly tussled with Naughty Boy, Calvin Harris and his former bandmate Louis Tomlinson on Twitter; split with his fiancée, Perrie Edwards; and restarted his social-media presence with an influx of brooding black and white selfies and work-in-progress graffiti murals. One Direction never made any claims to be bastions of pop purity, but now Malik is truly off the leash, and getting ready to strike out solo on his own terms.

Source: 5 Things Justin Bieber Could Teach Zayn Malik | Rolling Stone